So you've finally booked your first event and the big day has come. 

Now what?

It's important to be prepared for your event as well as know some photo booth etiquette.

Today, we're going to be going over how you can prepare for your event and the proper etiquette you should follow so that you can go into the event relaxed and ready to provide the best guest experience possible.

Make a List

This is so important, yet so many photo booth owners seem to forget.

But no worries, it's super simple!

Make a checklist of all of your equipment you're going to bring to an event. Your photo booth (of course!), backdrops, lighting, anything that you promised the client that you would have.

As you're packing your vehicle with your items, check off each item as you place it in your vehicle. I know, it's tedious, but it'll 100% ensure that you have everything you need.


We've talked about proper attire in other articles in the past, however, it's important so we'll say it again.

Dress to impress!

Men should be wearing suits and women should be wearing pantsuits, dresses, or a nice, professional outfit. Your clothing should be neutral colors, black and white tend to work the best.

If you feel like the event may be more casual, you can also ask your clients about the dress code. Sometimes they'll want your photo booth attendants to dress more casually for the event.

Photo booth attendant helping guests capture memories with the iPad-based Salsa Photobooth.


This normally isn't the case, however, and it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. 

Remember, you're representing your photo booth business! Dress well!


There's some, pretty obvious, etiquette that you should follow when hosting your events. Here are a few examples:

  • Smile - We talked about the importance of smiling when networking in this article here
  • Press the Photo Button for Them - This adds a nice touch and makes the experience more seamless for your guests
  • Engage With Guests and Provide Encouragement - Tell them, "Nice photo!" or play along with them. It'll make the guests more relaxed and more likely to take more pictures!
  • Pick Up The Prints For Them - This is such a simple thing to do, but it adds a luxurious touch. Plus, a lot of guests will be in dresses or nice suits and you don't want anyone to be bending over or ripping their pants trying to pick up a print. Just help them out!
  • Clean Prop Table - Your prop table will quickly turn into a disaster. Make sure to keep it tidy as it'll make you appear more professional and guests will be more likely to approach the booth
  • Do NOT Use Your Phone - Nothing says you don't want to be there like using your phone.
  • Do NOT Sit - C'mon now, events are typically only 2-4 hours long. Stand up, it makes you more approachable!
  • Do NOT Eat / Drink in Front of Guests - This is usually a non-issue as events are so short for photo booths. But, if you must eat something, make sure you're out of sight from the guests.
  • Do NOT Drink Alcohol - I don't even think this one needs to be explained. Just don't do it.
  • Turn Off the Booth During Formalities - During speeches, dinners, etc. You don't want people using the booth when they should be sitting and being respectful to whatever is happening. Turning off the booth and any lighting will make people less likely to come and want a photo taken.

Remember that at the end of the day, how you dress, act, and show your preparedness is going to leave a lasting impression with your clients and their guests. It's important to be consistent as consistency will bring you more events and repeat clients.

Be the best you can, have fun, and be prepared!

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