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Want to make some extra cash this year?

Our average photo booth owners bring in $72K a year and many do it just as a part-time side hustle. We've got all the tools and resources to get you started.

"Very helpful! Makes starting a business easy and fun."

Jazzmin Garcia

"True to their word, absolutely phenomenal, and committed to your success!"

Anthony Frost

Industry Leading Photo Booth Solutions

We fuel unsurpassed event experiences and the businesses that support them.


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Photo Booth Industry Overview

Learn how to monetize your photo booth and see what other successful owners are doing.

Whether you’re building a new photo booth business or growing an existing business, we’re here to help.

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For Mobile DJs: Kurtis went from one booked-out booth to four in the span of eight months.

Kurtis Cross of Epic Photo Booths

For New Business Owners: Nicole, a stay-at-home-mom turned photo booth owner earned more than $30k in her first nine months of business.

Nicole Hidalgo of Own the Moment Booth

For Photographers: Sandra booked 10 events in seven months, and doubled that the next year.

Sandra Jimenez of Unik Photos

Photo booths are in demand everywhere.

From in-person events, to virtual events, to installations, and more.


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See How Much You Can Make

Use our easy profit calculator to analyze search volumes in your area and see how profitable a photo booth business can be for you.