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Article: Owner Spotlight | Charley Williams

Owner Spotlight | Charley Williams

Owner Spotlight | Charley Williams

Back in February, we hosted a Success Story Contest where we asked our Photobooth Supply Co booth owners to submit their stories. We wanted to hear about the incredible things that our PBSCO family has been able to accomplish thanks to their photo booth business and share their stories with the world.

One of those incredible stories that stuck out to us was that of Charley Williams.

As a new mother, Charley was looking to start her own business to escape the "normal" nine to five schedule. More than anything, she wanted to work on her own terms and be in control of her own business.

After experiencing first-hand the magic of a photo booth at her very own wedding, Charley started to research how she could start her own photo booth business. 

During her research, Charley had come across our Legacy Photo Booth that we offered. She immediately fell in love. As a new business and photo booth owner, Charley wanted an easy-to-start solution. 

Thanks to the marketing materials and print out templates, she was able to create a website quickly and dive right into her new business, which at that time, was based in the Caribbean.

In a short period of time, Charley was able to build up her photo booth business and when she decided that it was time to return home to the UK, her business had become so successful that she, almost, immediately found a buyer.

After selling her photo booth business in the Caribbean, Charley knew that upon returning home to the UK, she wanted to continue making memories with her booth. After ordering the Queso Photo Booth, she was, once again, able to use the marketing materials provided and have events booked before even stepping off the plane.

Two countries and three photo booths later, Charley's company "The Proper Booth" is continuing to be a success. She has since added a Salsa Photo Booth to the mix and has no doubts about purchasing another one later this year. 

iPad-based Salsa Photo Booth


As her photo booth business continues to grow, she has already seen a 30% increase in bookings over last year. That's amazing!

When Charley originally started out on this crazy photo booth journey, she was looking to make a little bit more than she would working a part-time job. Four years later, she has managed to earn double what she did working as a PR Executive and still maintains her part-time hours.



We here at Photobooth Supply Co are amazed at what Charley was able to accomplish with a PBSCO Photobooth. We wish her the best of luck and we're certain that The Proper Booth will continue to grow in 2020.


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