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Article: Owner Spotlight | Maxwell Wageck

Owner Spotlight | Maxwell Wageck

Owner Spotlight | Maxwell Wageck

Back in February, we hosted a Success Story Contest where we asked our Photobooth Supply Co booth owners to submit their stories. We wanted to hear about the incredible things that our PBSCO family has been able to accomplish thanks to their photo booth business and share their stories with the world.

One of those incredible stories that stuck out to us was that of Maxwell Wageck.

Maxwell is the owner of Whirlin' Disc Sound, a DJ company based out of Buffalo, New York. As a complement to his DJ service, Whirlin' Disc Sound has offered photo booth services for many years.

However, after becoming increasingly frustrated with his old photo booths that required more than 12 components and an attendant with extensive experience, Maxwell knew that it was time to make a change.

After just a few hours of extensive research online, he found the Salsa Photobooth and immediately fell in love.

Our Salsa booth offered him a more reliable and easy-to-setup photo booth that he could continue offering to his clients without the fear of it breaking down.



Since implementing the Salsa Photobooth to his lineup, Maxwell says that client reviews have skyrocketed and he has booked more photo booths than ever before!

The original goal was simply to replace the old and unreliable booths with something newer and more modern. But, after being able to easily offer so many customizable add-on services, Maxwell actually raised the prices on his photo booths. 

And it worked! Not only is he making more, but they're also booking more! Wow!

We here at Photobooth Supply Co are amazed at what Mark was able to accomplish with a PBSCO Photobooth. We wish him the best of luck with Whirlin' Disc Sound and we're certain he'll continue to grow in 2020.


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