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Article: Owner Spotlight | Trapology

Owner Spotlight | Trapology

Owner Spotlight | Trapology

How to Use a Photo Booth, as Perfected by Trapology

Photobooth Supply Co. has provided booths to many incredible companies, but Trapology stands out for a couple reasons. As one of the leading escape games in the world, we were happy to partner with a team that provided a special product. We are also big fans of escape games in general, and think photo booths add the perfect touch to a night with friends..  

The following case study may help you to better understand what Photobooth Supply Co. can do for you, if you're a retail space looking for a way to generate organic social media traffic or just delight customers. 

The Escape Room Industry

Escape rooms are immersive games where you and your friends/coworkers/perfect strangers have to work together to solve puzzles and complete a mission before the time runs out. Trapology works in an industry that brings people together - friends, families, celebrations, company outings, or just strangers that become fast friends. At the end of every game, customers want something to commemorate and remember their time together.

They originally had their staff use cell phones to capture, post, and distribute these images, but found that the lighting was always inconsistent. People appeared stiff and awkward when there was a stranger holding the camera in front of them. Customers also wanted these images posted online faster than Trapology was able to upload them and share that data.


"A photo booth was the right answer for us. It allows our customers to take photos unsupervised, which really brings out their personalities. It creates something more personal for them that'll keep and share."

-Jason Loeb

The team wanted the Trapology experience to carry through beyond just the room, and an interactive photo booth that pumped out prints that guests could take home with them felt like the best way to conclude their time. 

Where PBSCO Helped

When looking for a booth, aesthetics, durability, and ease of use were most important to Trapology. They wanted customers to be able to not only take and print photos, but also share them immediately via email and social media. It was important that they could leave the booth unsupervised and allow customers to enjoy all its features with an intuitive interface. Trapology has a comfortable and cozy lounge area and needed something that didn't have a large footprint and would aesthetically fit into their space.


For Trapology, adding a photobooth was about providing a premium experience to customers throughout their time with us, as well as allowing their Game Masters to do what they do best, run games! By allowing customers to share the images themselves on social media platforms immediately, it saved their staff a great deal of time having to take and post the images themselves and allowed them to focus on revenue-generating tasks. To them, an easy, professional, dummy-proof solution was what made participating in a case study worthwhile. And they love the product as much as their customers do.

We'll leave you with a few final words from the team at Trapology:

"I love it when I can just pick up a phone and call someone when I need advice or help. The crew at PBSCO have always been available to chat whenever I've needed something and have developed a truly dummy-proof product (with instructional videos) that was easy to set up and operate. We had a couple issues recently with Facebook's new update that caused to stop using the booth altogether for a couple days. Josh is amazing and quickly got us squared away and running again."