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Salsa Care Extended Warranty

This product has been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards by Photobooth Supply Co. This warranty is limited to Salsa Booths that are purchased by a consumer in the United States or Canada, and installed in either the United States or in Canada, and where Salsa Care Extended Warranty has been purchased.

Who Is Covered By The Warranty

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty extends to customers who have purchased Salsa Care with their booth, within 30 days of purchasing their booth, OR have purchased Salsa Care for a previous Salsa Booth purchase within 30 days of Salsa Care’s original commencement date.

What Is Covered By The Warranty

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty extends the 1 year limited warranty for an additional year on Salsa Booth.  In addition, The Salsa Care Extended Warranty will include preferred repair pricing for accidental damage caused to the booth resulting in an incident subject to the damage being within economical repair. Preferred pricing includes discounts on some replacements parts that experience regular wear and tear.

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty covers a maximum of two [2] incidents within a two [2] year period beginning from original date of purchase of the Salsa Booth.

An incident is defined as one [1] repair and is limited in value to approximately 80% of replacement item value, otherwise known as within the limits of economic repair.

Each incident covered under the Salsa Care Extended Warranty will return a repaired item to refurbished working condition. Any repair deemed Beyond Economical Repair (BER) is not serviceable by PBSCO.

Replacement parts and/or units do not extend the warranty from the date of receipt of replacements.

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty entitles the purchaser to 50% off the retail value of replacement poles, baseplates, or DC extension cables with a limit of one [1] replacement of each item per warranty purchase.

Replacement items are brand new parts that will be shipped directly to the purchaser.

Shipping Charges

Salsa Care Extended Warranty includes ground shipping within the Continental US to and from the Photobooth Supply Co. repair facility.

Salsa Care Extended Warranty does not include any duties or taxes that may be charged for international shipments to and from the US. Any charges incurred for duties or taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer.

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty provides the purchaser with the option to purchase Priority Repair access for $200.00. The Priority Repair entitles the purchaser to "cut the line" for repairs, thereby providing their repair with immediate attention and care ahead of any other existing repair. Priority Repair includes 2 day expedited shipping where available.


The Salsa carrying case is not included under the Salsa Care Extended Warranty. The carrying case is warrantied for life by the manufacturer [SKB] directly.

Salsa booth's cables and power supply are not covered under the Salsa Care Extended Warranty.

Salsa booth back shell replacement is not covered for cosmetic damage or accidental damage.

How To File An Incident Report

To file an incident please submit a request to

Length Of Warranty

Replacement or repaired parts of products will be covered for [2] years from the original purchase date of the booth when Salsa Care is purchased in conjunction to the booth or within a 30 day period after the booth purchase.

Limitation Of Liability

To The Maximum Extent Permitted By Applicable Law, Photobooth Supply Co And Its Employees And Agents Will Under No Circumstances Be Liable To You Or Any Subsequent Owner Of The Covered Equipment For Any Indirect Or Consequential Damages, Including, But Not Limited To, The Costs Of Recovering, Reprogramming, Or Reproducing Any Program Or Data Or The Failure To Maintain The Confidentiality Of Data, Any Loss Of Business, Profits, Revenue Or Anticipated Savings, Resulting From Photobooth Supply Co’s Obligations Under This Plan. To The Maximum Extent Permitted By Applicable Law, The Limit Of Photobooth Supply Co And Its Employees’ And Agents’ Liability To You And Any Subsequent Owner Arising Under The Plan Shall Not Exceed The Original Price Paid For The Plan. Photobooth Supply Co Specifically Does Not Warrant That (I) It Will Be Able To Repair Or Replace The Covered Equipment Without Risk To Or Loss Of Programs Or Data, (Ii) It Will Maintain The Confidentiality Of Data, Or (Iii) The Operation Of The Product Will Be Uninterrupted Or Error-Free.

The Benefits Conferred By This Plan Are In Addition To Any Rights And Remedies Provided Under Consumer Laws And Regulations. To The Extent That Liability Under Such Laws And Regulations May Be Limited, Photobooth Supply Co’s Liability Is Limited, At Its Sole Option, To Replacement Or Repair Of The Covered Equipment Or Supply Of The Service. Some States Or Provinces Do Not Allow The Exclusion Or Limitation Of Incidental Or Consequential Damages, So Some Or All Of The Above Limitations May Not Apply To You.


The Salsa Care Extended Warranty is a final sale and non-refundable once purchase has been completed.

Photobooth Supply Co. reserves the right to terminate The Salsa Care Extended Warranty for fraud or material misrepresentation, upon written notice.

Upon the effective date of your (early) cancellation, Photobooth Supply Co.’s future obligations under this Plan to you are fully extinguished.

Transfer Of Ownership

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty is transferable to another party, provided that:

You transfer to the other party the original proof of purchase, the Plan’s printed materials and this service contract;

You notify Photobooth Supply Co. of the transfer by email at;

The other party accepts the terms of this service contract.

Transfer of ownership will not restart the plan, and any used incidents and discount codes will not refresh for the new owner.

Additional Terms And Conditions

Photobooth Supply Co. is not responsible for any failures or delays in performing under the Salsa Care Extended Warranty that are due to events outside of Photobooth Supply Co.’s reasonable control.

The Salsa Care Extended Warranty is offered and valid only in the Continental US and Canada. Persons who have not reached the age of majority in their residential state or province. may not purchase the Salsa Care Extended Warranty. The Salsa Care Extended Warranty may not be available in all jurisdictions and is not available where prohibited by law.