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Article: How Much Money Can You Make From a Photo Booth Business?

how much money can you make from a photobooth business

How Much Money Can You Make From a Photo Booth Business?

A report by Global Market Insights revealed that the photo booth market is slated to hit $1 billion by the end of 2027. In recent years, the demand for photo booths have steadily grown, making them a fixture of special events. From weddings, corporate parties, and other special events, photo booths are a versatile product that can be utilized for a wide range of occasions. 

Establishing a photo booth business will come with a range of unforeseen benefits. You may want to know how much can you make with a photo booth business. Let's track down a few key reasons to start your own photo booth business before delving into the financial benefits that come along with it!

  • Affordable Starter Packages - Companies like Photobooth Supply Co. make it easier and more affordable than ever to immediately open your own photo booth company. With a simple starter package that provides you with a booth, marketing materials, and contracts, you can begin hosting events right away!
  • Flexible Work Hours - Work around your schedule while building your business. Book events and parties at times that are convenient for your lifestyle. Don't want to work on weekdays? Stick to the weekends! Only available during the evening? That's fine too!
  • Easy to Market - We live in the age of information but that doesn't mean that imagery doesn't reign supreme. It has never been easier to market a photo booth business because imagery has never been more vital to business success. From corporate parties to personal celebrations, there will always be another event for your photo booth.
  • Low Overhead - Opening a photo booth business is as simple as getting your booth and marketing materials and putting them to use. With low overhead requirements and simple upkeep, it is possible to create quite the profit out of what could be seen as a relatively modest investment.


    Starting a Photobooth Business

    how much money can you make from a photo booth business

    Establishing a photo booth business often takes little more than a self-starting attitude, a photo booth, and the willingness to put yourself out there to make a client connection.

    The team at Photobooth Supply Co makes it easy for newcomers to get started in the field by offering a range of potential photo booth packages. These packages range from Starter Packages that include Cameras, Carrying Cases, and Sample Contracts to the full Growth Package which features multiple salsa booths, carrying cases, backdrop stands, and much more!

    Making Money With a Photo Booth

    Once you've decided to make the leap into the photo booth business, how are you expected to actually cash in on your events? What kind of money can you make with a photo booth business, anyway? According to the team at Photobooth Supply Co., the average owner's revenue for the average investment package is more than $72k per year! Of the more than 3,000 businesses started through the company, nearly 55% have returned for a second booth.

    How much money can you make with a photo booth business?

    • Social Events - From birthday parties and sporting events to school graduations, photo booth rentals can generate more than $250 per hour from these events. Of course, market rates will vary and pricing can depend largely on the business owner's efforts.
    • Corporate Events - Corporate marketing is the name of the game for businesses trying to reach clients while building a better corporate culture. Corporate events can offer photo booth business owners upward of $350 per hour with branded photo booths, green screens, and other special design elements.
    • Weddings - Help two loving souls celebrate their special day together with a photo booth rental. Weddings are a huge avenue for profit in the photo booth rental industry, so be sure to reach out to those soon-to-be brides and grooms!
    • Virtual Events - Turn everyone's phone into a personal Virtual Photo Booth from the comfort of home. Photo Booth Supply Co helps empower entrepreneurs to bring the perfect photo experience to virtual events around the world.
    • Outdoor Events - From sporting events to family get-togethers, there are few outdoor events that wouldn't be improved by a professional photobooth experience.


    Start Your Photo Booth Business With Photobooth Supply Co!

    Photobooth Supply Co has been helping entrepreneurs to connect with the businesses that they need to succeed. Already loved by the NFL, Starbucks, and Squarespace, Photobooth Supply Co. is proud to offer entrepreneurs a convenient way to take their business future into their own hands.

    To learn more about building your own photo booth business and making money with it, schedule a strategy call with the team at Photo Booth Supply Co at your earliest convenience!