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Article: Trendy Photo Booth Backdrops for Your Special Event

Trendy Photo Booth Backdrops

Trendy Photo Booth Backdrops for Your Special Event

If you want all your guests to walk away from your special event with memories to last a lifetime, you need to roll out the trendy photo booth backdrops. With just a few props on hand, your backdrops can transport guests to interesting locales, allowing them to take professional-quality photos. Then, as they look back upon those pictures, they’ll always remember how much fun they had at your event. Ready to make that dream a reality? Here’s some photo booth backdrop ideas to consider.

Roaring 20’s Party

gatsby photo booth backdrop

As the world moves through 2021 and beyond, the Roaring 20’s are back and better than ever. So, why not throw a party that lets everyone emulate The Great Gatsby with flapper dresses, fancy tuxedos, and furs galore?

To capture the vibe, you’ll need the Gatsby photo booth backdrop plus flat caps and cloche hats, feather boas, and pearl beaded necklaces. If you want to make it a little risqué, don’t forget the cigarette holders, faux cigars, and wine glasses for all.

Garden Scene

petal photo booth backdrop

There’s perhaps nothing more beautiful than tranquil pictures in the garden. Thankfully, you can capture that essence by putting your guests in front of natural or petal backdrops.

As the beauty of nature stands tall behind them, they can embrace the scene with big sun hats, fairy wings, bees on sticks, and garden tools of all kinds. Want to take the fun to the next level? Have everyone use props to dress up like cute garden gnomes instead.

Tropical Getaway

fruit photo booth backdrop

Who doesn’t love an exciting tropical getaway to faraway locales? Although you cannot transport everyone to the beach, a bright, fruity backdrop can make them feel like they’re in paradise.

As for props, you’ll want to provide hula skirts, sunglasses, and pina coladas served right in a half coconut shell. If you’re looking to put the photos to music, don’t hesitate to roll out the ukuleles as well.

Under the Sea

mermaid sequin photo booth backdrop

When only an undersea adventure will do, you cannot go wrong with a mermaid sequin photo booth backdrop. By flipping the glimmering, double-sided sequins over with your finger, you can create whatever designs you wish, including seashells, waves, and fish. You can even change the background from green to silver in whatever pattern you wish.

To make the theme pop even more, give your guests the option between snorkel masks, shell necklaces, and surfboards in dressing up their photos. If you’d like roaring laughs from all your guests, then put paper seashells on skewers to let everyone wear a mermaid-inspired top.

Ice Cream Social

icecream photo booth backdrop

An ice cream social lets kids and adults alike delight in sweet treats while having the time of their life. If you’d like your photos to capture that aesthetic, your backdrop should have a colorful swirl made using bright colors that pop.

As your guests hop into the frame for a picture, they should all have a dripping ice cream cone, of course, plus a delightful grin to match. Other fun ice cream themed photo props include ice cream sandwiches, sprinkle-adorned mustaches, and speech bubble signs filled with cheers of delight.

Hollywood Oscars

oscars photo booth backdrop

If you’re throwing an elegant affair, then you’ll want to capitalize on everyone’s sophisticated garb with an Oscars’ worthy backdrop. Your guests will look like they are moving down the red carpet as they step into the booth for their big debut.

Send a microphone their way to capture their statements as you snap photo after photo of their speech. If you want to make a huge impression, add cardboard cutouts of all the most popular celebrities for your guests to pose around.

James Bond

james bond photo booth backdrop

If you want everyone to feel like the special guest of the night, put them in front of a boss photo booth backdrop worthy of James Bond himself. Encourage your guests to capture the 007 spirit by trying out all the most famous poses.

Beyond that, make sure your props emulate the weaponry and gadgets seen in the films plus all the elegant looks by the leads of each era. Martini glasses, dice and cards, and all Bond’s famous sayings on speech bubbles will help bring the photo experience together even more.

Haute Couture

Sedona photo booth backdrop

When it comes to your special events, every week is fashion week, especially when you roll out the haute couture backdrop. Anything goes when it comes to high fashion, so dream up all the possibilities and let your guests choose how to appear in their photos.

You can go with big skirts featuring thousands of tulle ruffles, wild headpieces made from found materials, and space-age shoes to remember. If they’re up to the challenge, you could even provide rolls of foil, paper towels, and the like, and then ask your guests to create the most fashionable garb.

With the right backdrops, your guests will be lining up for a chance to snap a few stunning pictures. To get all the supplies you need, just explore all your options for photo booth backdrops, and then buy whatever you want through the website. Just don’t forget the Atlas Backdrop Stand, so your backdrops will stay standing no matter how rowdy the picture-perfect moments get. If you regularly host amazing special events, you can build a nice collection of backdrops, and then roll them out whenever the moment strikes.